Why Should You Gamify Your Mobile App

Photo by Beata Dudová from Pexels

Gamification is adding gaming mechanics to non-gaming environments such as in this case, an app. The goal of gamification is to keep our customers engaged and keep them from coming back for more. In this way, you’ll increase the number of users using an app on a single day and a possible increase in revenue.

Here are the benefits of gamifying your app:

Higher Number of Users

If you set achievements for them to unlock whenever they visit your app they’ll keep coming back for more. But that’s just the beginning, because not everyone wants to be just like the rest – they want to be the best! If you allow your users to compete on a leaderboard, you will motivate them to use the app more often. Missing a day visiting your app for example, could mean losing their top spot.

Moreover, if you allow them to share their achievements on social media networks your mobile app will attract new users as well.

Increase User Engagement

Earning rewards while using an app can increase user engagement. It also gives you a chance to monetize your app. People are competitive by nature and seeing their names on top of the leaderboard are enough to motivate them to use your app more often.

When uses know that they get something out of using your app, they will spend most of their time with it.

Greater Connection with Users

When users are able to share their progress on social networks, it will be easier to connect with them and provide them a better experience. The better experience you can offer, the more leads and customers you will have.

What to Remember When Gamifying an App

The first thing you need to know is that not all apps can be gamified. There are apps that can provide a use for gamification but there are those that don’t need to gamify at all. Always remember that gamifying does not guarantee the success of your app. It might work, and at the same time, it might not work. So it is vital to remember these things when gamifying your app.

Identify Your Target Audience

Even a well-thought gamification app strategy won’t work if you do not target it on your user’s needs and perspective. Data can be a great help here to find out who is interested and how they behave on your app.

Find Its Value to Your Users

Even if you are sure it will work because you like it, it doesn’t mean that your users will like it too. They have their own likes and dislikes; which is why it is important to discover what majority of your users want, what’s their biggest motivator, and what will make them use the application.

Keep Things Simple

The biggest mistake most gamified apps have is to have it extremely gamified. Don’t confuse you and your users with complex system, techniques and approaches. The rules of the game should be easy to follow so you don’t frustrate your users and prevent them from using your app at all.

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