How To Keep Users Coming Back to Your Apps

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New apps can be very exciting, particularly for your loyal customers. Customers instantly download your app the moment they learned that your app is live. However, getting their attention is only half the battle. You may have done a good job in promoting your app and getting your customers to download it, but how do you keep them from coming back to your app. You need to provide enough value to convince people from coming back to your app and not to silence notifications.

Below are some tips to keep your customers coming back to your apps.

Provide incentives

An excellent way to keep your customers from checking your app is to offer time-sensitive incentives. For example, you offer rewards whenever your customer visits your app.

The rewards can be shop discounts, gifts, or anything as long as it is valuable to the user, and he or she can clearly understand the benefits of the incentives you are offering to them.

Be Careful with Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great tool to let your customers know that they have your app installed on their devices and grab their attention. However, if used incorrectly, they can have a negative effect on customer retention.

When implemented correctly, it can increase customer retention anywhere from 50 to 150 percent.

Here’s how to correctly use push notifications

  • It must be personal.
  • It should tie to a specific incentive or CTA.
  • It must be well-timed and delivered at an acceptable frequency.

Focus on the Value of Your Customer

Many people instantly download an app for the brand that they trust the moment it goes live. However, most of these new apps are new, and their value is unknown or untested. Most of the time, it does not add value to the customer’s life. How are you going to make the individual’s life better? By simply creating value through gamification, incentives, cool notifications, reminders, etc. Do it right, and they’ll use your app more often. Do it wrong, and your app will be one of those that have left forgotten in their phones and devices.

Make it Fast and Functional

When a user opens your app, they should not be greeted with slow loading time and cumbersome ads before they get to what your app is really meant to do. The interface should be quick to load and easy to use. The slow loading time of an app can make them not want to use it the second time around.

Focus on Personalization

Personalization is another crucial part of getting them to use your app often. You need to align your user experience to the user’s needs and preferences. These can be done through the following:

Notifications must offer personalized content

Send relevant messages based on how the user uses the app, where they are, etc.

The list is exhaustive, but you can take advantage of your app’s digital analytics to find out what you can offer that will make it feel that the app is made for them.

Don’t Forget to Test

No business will get their app right on the first attempt. That is why it is important to do plenty of tests until it satisfies your user’s needs.

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