8 Reasons You Need an App for Your Business

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If you’re a business owner, you may have thought about getting a mobile app for your business. Surely, you have seen success stories of businesses big or small who have benefitted a lot in conversions, loyalty, revenue and marketing and you would like to jump into that bandwagon but you something bothers you. “How can it benefit my business?” “Will the benefits outweigh the cost?”

Below is the list of benefits companies who have an app reportedly experienced.

Increase Brand Presence

Research shows that an individual spends 2 to 3 hours on mobile phones per day. During this time, they explore various apps and use them according to their needs. So when people use your apps, they also notice your brand, logo, images.

If they see the same brand, logo image every time they access the app, then they can easily recognize your brand. Therefore, it dramatically improves your brand presence.

Expand Your Customer Base

When your app is available in app stores and advertised it online, a lot of people than your regular customers will find out about your brand or service; thereby increasing your sales.

Increase Customer Engagement

Research states that 35% of customers return more frequently to businesses with apps. Aside from convenience, customers prefer business apps because of ease of use, experiencing customer engagement proactively, and the many customers feature an app can offer.

More Loyal Customers

The most exciting aspect of mobile apps is that it lets businesses directly communicate with their customers. This is highly important to cultivate customer loyalty.

Another best use for a business app is to make use of loyalty programs. Your business can make use of loyalty programs in the app to feature membership, exclusive deals, and discounts. You can also provide real-time updates for sales and product announcements which can be tedious if you use email.

It’s Easier to Promote Products and Services

A mobile app can make your business stand out. Frequent updates coming from the app help customers get engaged with the latest sales and offer that could otherwise be a costly expense in billboards and advertisements.

Helps Build a Database of Prospects or Clients

Whenever someone downloads your app, uses it or makes a purchase, you now have an additional channel to gather information about the customer. You can use this information to target customers through ads or make recommendations based on previous purchases.

This data is highly valuable for businesses who want to know what content will be great for their target audience. The data can also help meet customer expectations and create a more relevant experience.

Offers Increase in Return on Investment

Let’s face it; mobile apps aren’t cheap. However, you’ll later realize the benefits outweigh the cost, particularly if the app has met the needs of your customers and was able to improve and enhance the way they use your product or service.

It Helps to Sell Faster

If you have a product that wants to sell out before a specific time period, you can set a limited time promotional coupon in the app to your customers. This type of promotion will encourage sales and provide publicity to your business.

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