5 Simple Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

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The mobile app has reached its peak, and the competition is getting harder by the minute. Every new app launched are bound to face marketing challenges. Letting them use your app is one thing, explaining how your app is useful and unique won’t be that easy.

So the question is, how do you boost mobile app installations to increase your chances of success?

Below are some of the effective methods to promote your app.

Update Your Customers

Marketing your app starts long before you start asking your app developers to create one fo you. To increase the chance of success, reach out to your customers and talk to them. In this way, you’ll know what kind of app they want and whatever you’ll be building will be right for them.

Create a list of every person who you have ever sold and those who have signed up to your newsletter. Send them an email about your decision to make an app and provide a survey.

Remember to not waste their time so incentivize your customers by offering them discounts for helping you. When you got their attention, ask them questions that will help you create an app that is based on their needs and preferences.

When you include your customers in the app creation process, you are not only promoting your app in a subtle way, but you are also making sure that the app is catered to their needs.

Contact Influencers

Influencers have the power to influence people in certain decisions, such as using your app. When reaching out to influencers, remember to present it to the one that is highly relevant to your business and audience. Also, remember that influencers can get paid to promote a product or in this case an app and there they’ll quickly catch on and know that the influencer is getting paid to promote your app. The last thing you want is when your app blows up and gets promoted in a negative way.

Feature the App on Your Blog

Since you’ve been regularly updating your customers about the latest news and promotions in your blog, why not feature your app in it as well. Create a blog post that solely focuses on the app and what your customers can do with it. Let the audience know the purpose behind it and how it can add value to them. Tell them how your app can make it easy to buy products or use the service you offer.

Join Developers and Entrepreneur Groups on Social Media

Increase your presence on social media networks such as Facebook, and LinkedIn to become better known to developers and entrepreneurs. Ask for feedback, and provide incentives when they try it out. You not only build relationships with them, but it also lets you cross-promote each other’s app without the need to spend too much on marketing it.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but for app stores like Google Play and App Store. Similar to SEO, ASO focuses on keyword relevance, search relevance, and keyword density.

Most smartphone users download an app by searching for it first. For instance, if your app is about cooking, you should focus on cooking-related keywords to make sure that your app shows up on the top of the results.

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